21 Questions: Facts about Nonprofit Answered

The nonprofit sector is larger and more important than most folx realize. These facts may surprise and show how awesome this sector is.

Financial Facts

How big is the nonprofit sector? 
The nonprofit sector is one of the largest making up 1/10 of the american workforce which is approximately 11.5 Million jobs.
(Source: Independent Sector 2019)

What is the average working salary as a nonprofit employee?
The salaries for a regular nonprofit employee are between $30,000 – $70,000 with an average annual salary of $50,000.
(Source: Payscale.com 2020)

What percent of nonprofits operate on less than $1Million in revenue? 
Most nonprofits are relatively small as 92 percent operate with less than $1 million a year.
(Source: Nonprofit impact matters 2020)

How much did the US donate to nonprofits in 2019? 
Americans kindly donated $449.64 billion in 2019.
(Source: Philanthropic Stats 2019)

General Facts about nonprofit organizations

How many Nonprofits are there in the US?
There are 1.7 million nonprofit organizations in the US
(Source: Urban.org NCCS 2019)

Which city has the most nonprofits?
Boston has the most nonprofit organizations based in their city
(Source: Nonprofit Quarterly 2019)

How many types of 501(c) are there?
There are currently 27 different types of nonprofits
(Source: Upcounsel.com 2020)

What is the largest nonprofit in the world? 
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest nonprofit organization in the world with a staggering 50.7 billion endowment
(Source: Largest.org 2019)

What percentage of colleges and universities are nonprofits in the US?
Approximately 43% of higher institutions are not for profit
(Source: NCES.ED.GOV 2020)

Nonprofit Labor Stats

How many jobs do nonprofits create?
Nonprofits account for 12.3 million jobs

What percent of GDP is generated by nonprofits?
Today, nonprofits generate 5.4% of the U.S GDP
(Source: Nonprofit quarterly 2018)

Which nonprofit organization employs the most people in the US?
Hospitals and Universities are the primary employers for most nonprofit workers.
(Source: CauseIQ 2019/)

How many Americans volunteer every year? 
There are approximately 77 million volunteers each and every year.
Source: AmeriCorps 2018

How many hours are volunteered in the US in a year?
About 6.9 billion hours are volunteered every year.
Source: AmeriCorps 2018

What is a good overhead percentage for your average nonprofit?
35% is ideal but anything more than, you should be concerned.
(Source: fpadvanced 2020)

How big is the nonprofit industry?
With over 1.7 million nonprofit organizations, the industry is HUGE as it consists nearly of 1/10 of the entire United States Workforce.
(Source: Urban.org NCCS 2019)

How many nonprofits fail each year?
Approximately 30% of nonprofits fail to exist after 10 years, and over half of all nonprofits that are chartered are destined to fail or stall within a few years due to leadership issues and the lack of experience, among other things
(Source: Nanoe 2019)

What is considered a small nonprofit?
On a scale with money, the IRS exempt organization categorizes nonprofits based on their revenue with 100k being the smallest and 100m being the largest.
(Source: Learning Candid.Org 2014

What do nonprofits need most?
Nonprofit organizations need to mainly focus on providing rather than income. It is absolutely necessary that nonprofits keep their helpful services available and that they are efficient in every aspect. This is the key to success for nonprofits.
(Source: Huffpost 2013)

Nonprofit Advertising and Marketing Stats

How many emails do nonprofits send on average?
Nonprofits sent an average of 50 email messages per subscriber in 2019 
(Source: MrBenchmarks 2019)

What is the average amount nonprofits spend on advertising?
On average, nonprofits would spend $2.50 per digital ad. 
(Source: MrBenchmarks 2019)

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