Top Nonprofit News Sources and Blogs

This is a passion project of a B-Corp social impact digital agency. Nonprofit news coverage is usually full of jargon, here is the Nonprofit Newsfeed glossary.

News is sourced, curated and credited to some of these excellent sources:

News SourceWhat is it?Website URL
The Nonprofit TimesNews Source
Non Profit News Quarterly
News Source
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
News Source
SSIR Blog/Articles
News Source
Philanthropy Daily
News Source
CandidNews Source
NonProfit PRO
News Source
Huffington Post Social Entrepreneurship
News Source
Social VelocityNews Source

We also scan some great nonprofit blogs:

BlogsWhat is it?Visit their website
Agitator | DonorVoice
Fundraising blog
Beth’s Blog
Fundraising blog
Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director
Fundraising blog
Big Duck InsightsBranding blog
Fired-Up Fundraising with Gail Perry
Fundraising blog
Future Fundraising Now
Fundraising blog
Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog
Fundraising blog
Nonprofit AF
Fundraising blog
Nonprofit Blog Exchange
Fundraising blog
Nonprofit Marketing Zone Daily
Fundraising blog
Nonprofit Tech For Good
Fundraising blog
Pamela Grow
Fundraising blog
TopNonprofitsNonprofit Blog
Wild Woman FundraisingFundraising blog

Networks and Social media scanned

Networks What is it?Visit their website
Donor Software that helps nonprofits understand and manage their relationships with donors
Blue Avocado
Speaks for and to the people in community-based nonprofits
Digital fundraising application that enables fundraisers/marketers in the nonprofit industry to collect donations
Charity Navigator
Software system that evaluates charitable organizations
Online Fundraising, Media Relations, Digital Advertising, etc
Reddit r/nonprofit /philanthropy
A friendly community that discusses nonprofit related topics
Wild ApricotA cloud software that provides its users with special resources and features to help run their nonprofit organizations