Where Did MacKenzie’s Billions Get Donated? (news)



Scott Releases Comprehensive List Grant Recipients

MacKenzie Scott has released a comprehensive database of all the nonprofit organizations that have received grants from her over the past several years. Scott has in many ways upended the philanthropy sector with the sheer volume and size of the grants, as well as their “no strings attached” nature. The database denotes the name of the organization, the size of the gift, and the organization’s focus area, geographic location, and stated mission statement. The new website’s “Process” page hints at the potential for future open calls for prospective grant recipients. According to reporting from The Guardian, the donations totalled over $14 billion and were disbursed to over 1,600 nonprofit organizations.

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[00:00:00] This week on the nonprofit news feed. Well, we’re talking about a big release by Mackenzie Scott. She’s been giving away money now she’s giving away data, a comprehensive database actually, of all of the nonprofits. So we’ll jump into that. And also we had, uh, our, our end of year celebrations at Whole Whale.

[00:00:45] And there’s an internal video that Nick put together where he is a washed up British rock. Talking about a success. They, they definitely took the whole well adage of taking it too far and making it way too hilarious. Um, we can’t release any of it, but if you worked here, you’d see. Uh, impetus to, to keep us on your, your, your job postings, uh, going into the new year.

[00:01:07] Should we be hiring? Yes. Uh,

[00:01:10] video is released. Super fun. I got to live out my alter ego being a washed up British rocker for our annual holiday music video. Here’s what I’ll say. If you leave us a review and then you message me, I will share that video with you cuz it is unlisted on. I feel like that’s, I think that’s a fair trick.

[00:01:30] Cool. It is chaotic, good , chaotic, festive, let’s say , chaotic, festive. Um, I, I agree. Amazing. Well, we, in the spirit of giving and festivities and holidays and all that, our top story is of course Mackenzie Scott releasing a comprehensive list of grant recipients. So, Mackenzie Scott has started a new website, yield giving.com, and the website essentially serves.

[00:02:06] Just kind of like a, a holding a place to hold all the information about the recipients of Scott’s Enormous generosity over the past couple years. So a downloadable database of all the organizations that have received money from Mackenzie Scott. So it’s estimated that Don. On this list totaled over 14 billion and were dispersed to over 1600 nonprofits.

[00:02:36] The donations and grants were no strings attached in nature, and the database denotes the name of the organization, the size of the gift, and the organization’s focus area, geographic location, and mission statement. So we are getting. Full and total transparency from Mackenzie Scott on where those donations are going.

[00:02:59] and important to note on the website’s process page where they talk about how they found these donations. There is a hint at an open call for grant recipients, um, at some kind of process that organizations going forward might be able to apply for grants. Um, that seems to be an in the works type thing.

[00:03:20] But it is the first time that Mackenzie Scott


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