War Crimes Tracked by NGOs & Pending Food Crisis (news)

War In Ukraine Threatens Global Food Security, Likely To Exacerbate Food Emergencies Among Vulnerable Populations

According to reporting from The New York Times, the war in Ukraine threatens global food security on a large scale. Ukraine and Russia together account for nearly 30% of the global wheat supply and serve as a vital supplier of fertilizer, grain, barley, sunflower oil, and many other basic food staples. In addition to food security challenges within Ukraine, already vulnerable countries in the Middle East and North Africa (countries especially reliant on exported foodstuffs from the war-torn region) find themselves in an increasingly precarious situation. Over half of the World Food Programme’s wheat comes from Ukraine, and emergency food programs in Yemen and other African countries may be forced to prioritize the starving over the hungry. Compounded by sky-high global food prices, supply chain issues, regional conflict, and natural disasters like drought, many food-insecure countries may end up in large-scale food emergencies as the war continues.

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In an unusual alliance across many different actors, a multitude of organizations and outlets are working tirelessly to document war crimes in Ukraine. Human Rights Watch, an international human rights watchdog group and nonprofit with international headquarters in New York City, has launched a full-scale investigation into war crimes amidst newly reported revelations in Bucha, Ukraine. Large-scale citizen journalism efforts, including those produced by investigative journalism outlet Bellingcat will be essential to efforts to prosecute war crimes in international bodies like the International Criminal Court (ICC). Amnesty International’s Crisis Evidence Lab is one of many more NGOs documenting crimes. (Content Warning: Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch’s reporting includes specific details of war crimes and indiscriminate violence against civilians and may be disturbing to readers.)

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[00:00:00] This week on the nonprofit newsfeed, we are talking about the second order effects of the war in Ukraine, as well as how nonprofits and international organizations working with journalism’s are working on documentation of the war crimes and terrible stories coming out of this crisis.

[00:00:17] Yeah, George, that’s a great introduction. Our first story is about global food security and how the war and is. Threatening to exacerbate food emergencies across the world. So according to reporting from the New York times, the on Ukraine is threatening global food security on a large scale Ukraine and Russia together account for nearly

[00:00:38] 30% of the global wheat supply and serve as a vital supplier of things like fertilizer, grain, barley, sunflower oil, and other basic food staples that are essential to the global food infrastructure. In addition to food security challenge. Within Ukraine that is now a food insecure country, already vulnerable communities across the globe, particularly in the middle east and north Africa are finding themselves in an increasingly precarious situation. The world food program estimates that over half of its wheat comes from Ukraine and in an interview the director of the, the world food program said that.

[00:01:20] And emergency situations and Yemen, humanitarian organizations are being forced to prioritized the starving over the hungry compounded by sky high global food prices,

[00:01:33] supply chain issues, the rising price of oil and gasoline, regional conflict,


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