(news) War Breaks Out In Irsael & GivingTuesday Predictions

War Breaks Out In Irsael & Gaza, & What It Means For Nonprofits

A horrific terrorist attack by Hamas into Israel ignited the region into chaos and war, making the prospect of peace seem ever more distant. The ground invasion by Hamas (the de facto government of Gaza) shocked Israel and the world. As of writing, more than 700 Israelis, largely citizens, had been confirmed killed, and more still taken hostage. Hundreds of Gazans have also been killed in both the fighting and subsequent air strikes. At a time of great uncertainty, upheaval, and violence, communities with relations to the region at conflict will be especially burdened by grief, worry, and mourning. Jewish communities in America, already feeling increased antisemitism, are further reeling from the psychological impact of among the deadliest days in recent Jewish history. Civilians and their diaspora communities of all those with ties to the region — Israelis, Jews, and Palestinians alike — will need increased support from communities and nonprofits especially as the region moves from fragile peace to likely war. The next couple of weeks and months will also result in heightened engagement, calls to action, and other activities that come with a region slipping into war, with the possibility that year-end giving could be shaped by the conflict, particularly for organizations with ties to communities affected.


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GivingTuesday Predictions: $3.45 Billion

Whole Whale, the publisher of this newsletter, has released its annual GivingTuesday predictions. Based on an analysis that incorporates an adjusted linear regression, trends in Google Search terms around “GivingTuesday,” and national giving trends, Whole Whale predicts that $3.45 billion will be raised on GivingTuesday 2023. Approximately $3.1 billion was raised in 2022 from 37 million participants. Whole Whale’s prediction represents a forecasted 11% increase in donations year over year. Whole Whale cites negative indicators stimying growth as continued inflation concerns, macro giving trends, and a decrease in net search interest. Positive indicators in favor of a strong giving cycle include low unemployment, strong consumer confidence despite inflation, and new untraditional vehicles for donation like cryptocurrency.

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