(news) Can a 100-year-old NGO Go Digital & What is Dickipedia?



Goodwill is trying to grow its online sales in order to generate more revenue to fund its job training and employment assistance programs. The nonprofit is facing increasing competition from for-profit resale sites like ThredUp and Poshmark. Goodwill recently launched GoodwillFinds, an ecommerce site where 14 Goodwill locations sell donated items, but it has challenges in competing with other sites. Successfully growing online sales is crucial for Goodwill to continue its charitable mission of helping provide jobs for those in need.

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Blackbaud Pays $49.5M Over 2020 Data Breach | AP News

The software company Blackbaud will pay $49.5 million to settle a data breach case brought by 49 states, in which sensitive donor information was exposed in 2020. The breach contained health data, Social Security numbers, and financial information from Blackbaud’s nonprofit, university, and hospital clients. Blackbaud previously settled separate charges with the SEC for misleading investors about the breach. The large settlement demonstrates the serious legal risks nonprofits face regarding donor data security and notification procedures.

Sham Nonprofits Ripped Off Kids’ Meal Funds in Shocking Pandemic Scheme | Twin Cities Business

Minnesota’s top attorney dropped a bombshell this week, filing 23 lawsuits against fraudulent nonprofits accused of stealing from a federal program meant to feed needy children during the pandemic. An explosive investigation found these shady groups falsely claimed to open locations serving meals, when in reality, they had zero legitimate nonprofit activities. The attorney general is seeking to permanently dissolve the fake nonprofits in the wake of the jaw-dropping $250 million child nutrition fraud scandal involving a different Minnesota charity last year. This stunning development proves oversight of nonprofit pandemic aid remains critical to protect taxpayers and vulnerable youth.

Elon Does Childish Elon Thing | The Hill

Billionaire Elon Musk offered Wikipedia $1 billion to change its name to “Dickipedia” for one year minimum, posting the proposal after criticizing the free online encyclopedia’s fundraising appeals. Musk’s offer came with the condition that Wikipedia cannot change the name back for at least a year, adding he is “not a fool.” Claiming the site does nothing – Wikipedia responded that it handles “over 25B page views per month and over 44M page edits a month, requiring substantial operating costs.”


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