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Inside the Movement to Ban Lab-Grown Meat | Mother Jones  

Nonprofits like the Good Food Institute are stepping into the fray, advocating against bans on cell-cultured meats and pushing for progress in alternative proteins, arguing that stifling this nascent industry could hinder innovation and fails to advance health or safety. These organizations emphasize the potential environmental benefits of lab-grown meats, considering the significant methane emissions from livestock, and seek to safeguard the freedom of consumers and businesses in the food system. Their involvement underscores the critical role nonprofits play in shaping food policy and promoting sustainable solutions in the face of legislative challenges that could impact the future of food and the environment.




Tax exemption on catered fundraiser meals for nonprofits


Michigan House Bill 5596 is on the legislative menu, and it’s serving up potential savings for your next big event. This bill is all about dishing out a tax exemption for catered meals at nonprofit fundraisers, which could slice a nice piece off the costs of hosting those grand soirees. If this bill gets the legislative thumbs-up, nonprofits could find themselves plating extra cash towards their mission-critical programs instead of forking it over in taxes. It’s a fiscal move that could have nonprofits saying “Bon Appétit” to more effective budgeting and amplified community impact.

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