$2B FINE for #rollingcoal & Mr. Beast Builds Wells (news)



DOJ Going After Ebay For “Coal Rolling” Devices

The Department of Justice has filed a complaint against Ebay alleging that the company let over 343,000 after-market “coal rolling” devices be purchased on the platform, according DOJ paperwork filed in Brooklyn federal court. CBS News reports that Ebay claims the complaint by the DOJ “unprecedented” and that the ecommerce giant regularly works with law enforcement to remove millions of illegal products. The DOJ’s action comes with environmental concerns about the environmental impacts of “coal rolling” and other devices (which allow the bypass of vehicles’ exhaust systems to spew smoke) shows a willingness to address environmental concerns at the source — including pursuing large companies with meaningfully large fines.


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MrBeast: American YouTuber builds 100 wells in Africa, attracting praise – and some criticism  | CNN

Philanthropist and YouTuber MrBeast has garnered both acclaim and criticism for his initiative to build 100 wells in Africa, aiming to provide clean drinking water to half a million people. His acts have highlighted the inaction of local governments, especially in Kenya, drawing contrasting sentiments from activists who praise the aid while others criticize the perpetuation of stereotypes. Beyond water, MrBeast extended his generosity by donating school supplies, building infrastructure, and enhancing education and healthcare access in African communities. While some accuse him of exploiting his philanthropic work for views, MrBeast remains committed to using his platform for social good and dedication to humanitarian efforts.



NYC’s “Right to Shelter” Under Threat Amid Migrant Influx | Non Profit News 

New York City’s decades-old “Right to Shelter” policy, which provides temporary shelter to anyone without housing, is under threat as Mayor Eric Adams seeks to modify it to address migrant influx. Advocates fiercely defend the unique policy as a moral stance against homeless encampments and say needs of migrants and the homeless shouldn’t be pitted against each other. The outcome of this conflict over Right to Shelter in NYC has national implications as a bellwether for progressive homeless policies.



Engage For Good Acquired by Corporate Social Impact Expert Muneer Panjwani | csrwire.com 

Expert in corporate-nonprofit partnerships Muneer Panjwani has acquired Engage for Good, a leading company that empowers corporate and nonprofit professionals to create mutually beneficial social impact partnerships, with support from Berkshire Bank. Panjwani plans to build on Engage for Good’s 22 years of bringing together corporations and nonprofits, expand its educational offerings and events, and provide more strategic guidance on social impact campaigns. The acquisition comes as businesses and nonprofits are the most trusted institutions and consumers increasingly support brands that demonstrate social commitment. Founder David Hessekiel will stay on as an advisor through May 2024 and continue to own the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.


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