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 Nonprofit News summary Prediction: GivingTuesday To Generate Over $3 Billion In Donation Revenue 

Nonprofit digital marketing agency Whole Whale predicts that for the first time ever, GivingTuesday will generate over $3 Billion in revenue. While 2020 saw unprecedented charitable giving in the throws of the pandemic, the agency predicts revenue will surpass that record. “Based on our analysis that incorporates an adjusted linear regression, trends in Google Search terms around “Giving Tuesday,” and national giving trends, we predict that $3.048 Billion will be raised on Giving Tuesday 2021. This will be a 27% or $648 million increase over 2020’s record-breaking $2.4B.” (Disclosure that Whole Whale is the creator of this newsletter)

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Food Pantries Feeling The Brunt of Inflation & Supply Chain Issues

Food pantries across the country are feeling the brunt of both supply chain issues and higher costs of food going into the holiday season, according to local reporting. “The price of meat, turkeys, ground beef, you name it, the price of meat has just skyrocketed. It’s hard to get your hands on mass quantities or turkeys and we will be feeding mass quantities of people this holiday season,” according to nonprofit Loaves and Fishes – Friendship Trays CEO Tina Postel. Newly released economic data shows that inflation has reached a 30-year high.

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Digital Currencies Are Shiny, New And Some Are Unstable Fraudsters siphon $830,000 meant for homelessness nonprofit – KIRO 7 News A King County nonprofit raises all staff salaries to $70,000 minimum. Will more organizations follow? Duke students’ nonprofit Operation Climate tackles science misinformation through storytelling  


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