2024 Must Know for Nonprofit Marketing & Fundraising (news)

### Nonprofit Digital Marketing: What to Watch for in 2024

**Nonprofit Newsfeed & Whole Whale Podcast Episode Summary**

**Episode Title:** Navigating Nonprofit Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

In this insightful episode, hosts George Weiner and Nick Azulay of Whole Whale discuss essential digital marketing trends that nonprofit professionals should be aware of in 2024. The episode is a treasure trove of predictions, strategies, and updates crucial for nonprofits navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

**Key Digital Trends and Strategies:**

– **Google Analytics Transition:** Universal Analytics was deprecated in July 2023, and historical data will be deleted after July 1, 2024. Nonprofits should archive their data before this deadline.
– **Google Chrome Cookie Deprecation:** The removal of third-party cookies will impact ad targeting and analytics, emphasizing privacy over hyper-targeted ads.
– **Consent Mode and Predictive Analytics:** As users opt out of cookies, Google’s consent mode and GA4 will fill in the gaps, leading to more cookie-less consent options.
– **Crypto Giving:** A predicted resurgence in cryptocurrency could lead to an increase in crypto donations. Nonprofits are encouraged to develop a crypto giving strategy.
– **Email Marketing Compliance:** Google is imposing strict penalties for spam, particularly for list buying. Nonprofits should nurture authentic relationships instead of relying on purchased lists.
– **Trust in Nonprofits:** Maintaining and increasing donor confidence is crucial. Transparency, financial disclosures, and demonstrating impact are key to fostering trust.
– **SMS Marketing:** SMS text message marketing is expected to rise, with platforms like MailChimp integrating it into campaign strategies.
– **Search Generated Experiences (SGE):** AI will change how search queries are answered, potentially reducing clicks to websites. Nonprofits should adapt their content strategies accordingly.
– **AI and Ethical Content Creation:** Nonprofits should develop policies for ethical AI usage, including content creation and public disclosure.

**Global and Political Context:**

– 2024 is set to be a chaotic year with significant global events and national elections worldwide, leading to heightened engagement in political advocacy and human rights.
– Nonprofits must find ways to cut through the increased noise and remain relevant.

**Emerging Communication Trends:**

– **Video-First Communication:** Short-form video content is being prioritized across social platforms. Nonprofits should incorporate this into their communication strategies.
– **Alternative Social Platforms:** With the instability of platforms like Twitter, nonprofits should explore emerging social platforms and localized community tools like Telegram and WhatsApp.

**Closing Thoughts:**

The hosts emphasize the importance of adapting to these trends and adjusting strategies to stay ahead in the nonprofit sector. They encourage listeners to embrace these changes and prepare for a busy and transformative year.

**Final Joke:**
George leaves us with a light-hearted joke about colds being “easy to catch,” adding a touch of humor to the episode’s conclusion.



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