Roe v. Wade, NGO Bill & Google Inclusivity Tool (news) 

Supreme Court has voted to overturn abortion rights, draft opinion shows Federal “Nonprofit Sector Strength And Partnership Act” Draws Praise & Critique

As reported by GlobeNewswire/Independent Sector, bipartisan federal legislation has been introduced to “increase collaboration between federal officials and nonprofits to better serve the sector and communities year-round, especially during emergencies.” The bill aims to, among other objectives, establish a White House Office on Nonprofit Sector Partnership, a Advisory Board on the Nonprofit Sector, and Interagency Council on Nonprofit Sector Partnership with the idea of increasing collaboration between the government and the charitable sector. While many nonprofit proponents of the bill support the government’s desire to create a better relationship with a sector that is so integral to our society, some criticize the bill as government overreach that threatens nonprofits’ autonomy.

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In April of 2022, Google quietly rolled out a very interesting feature called ‘Assistive Writer’ which automatically identifies noninclusive language like a spell checker. The tool, powered by a language processing AI, flags gendered language as well as other words like ‘landlord’ and suggests that they may be noninclusive. However, as reported by the Washington Times and others, Google has paused the feature. Whole Whale, the creators of this newsletter, have built a similar tool but instead of using AI, it is human-focused, with a carefully vetted library of terms as well as explanations for why a particular word or term may be uninclusive. Additionally, the tool is opt-in, meaning that users must actively use the tool before inclusivity suggestions are offered. 

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Rough Transcript

[00:00:00] As we’ve gone and nonprofit newsfeed, we’re talking about the nonprofit sector, strengthened partnership, acts a little bit about the Google inclusivity tool and this wasn’t in the newsletter, but sadly, the news coming out of the Supreme court regarding Roe V. Wade, Nick, how’s it

[00:00:18] going? It’s going good, George.

[00:00:20] A lot is happening. And I think at the time. We’d be remiss if we didn’t start with the breaking news that last night Politico obtained and reported out that they had received a draft copy of the Supreme court case in which it appears that the justices are poised, at least in this draft to overturn Roe V.

[00:00:45] Wade, which means that federal protections for abortion would no longer. Be in effect. As we go to air, as we record this, this is still a draft. The Supreme court has confirmed that this draft is in fact authentic, but also says that it is not finalized. But I think the take here at the top of the story is that abortion and access to abortion will be one of, if not the most salient.

[00:01:17] Public policy, social policy conversation for this year, this represents a sad and quite frankly, in the wrong way, historic moment in history where one of the most important Supreme court cases is poised to be overturned by a conservative majority on the Supreme court. There are a lot of advocacy organizations and nonprofits that operate in this space that are, are going to be upended.

[00:01:47] And there’s a lot of unknowns right now, but George, what are you thinking? How did you read this story?

[00:01:53] You made this point before we actually press the record button

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