Pantheon Heroes Depart as Platform Hosts Hate (news)

Pantheon Heroes Depart as Platform Faces Backlash for Hosting Hateful Websites

In recent weeks, controversy has erupted over website operations platform Pantheon hosting websites for influential anti-LGBTQ and anti-immigration organizations including Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), designated as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), as reported by ARS Technica. The backlash began on LinkedIn, where several developers and Pantheon supporters voiced their concerns, including customers seeking alternative hosting services and developers known as “Pantheon Heroes” who announced they would stop assisting Pantheon’s open source projects and leave the program. Pantheon co-founder Josh Koenig confirmed that the platform would continue hosting the controversial websites, citing their commitment to being an open platform. Despite Pantheon’s terms of service prohibiting abusive or offensive content, the company’s position on content states that they generally refrain from moderating customer content. Pantheon Heroes, a program launched in 2019, brought together some of the best open-source developers in the world to empower open web development. However, following Pantheon’s decision to continue hosting the websites, several developers have quit the Pantheon Heroes program, expressing disappointment and feeling conflicted about supporting the platform.

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