Navigating Google Core Updates for Nonprofits (news)

Episode Summary: Navigating Google’s Core Update and Nonprofit Impacts

In this episode of the Nonprofit News Feed, George Weiner, Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, and Nick Azoulay, Digital Strategist at Whole Whale, delve into the recent Google core update and its implications for nonprofits. They also cover other significant news, including personnel changes at the Gates Foundation and new grant opportunities from Amazon Web Services.

Main Topics:

Google’s March 2024 Core Update:

Impact on Nonprofits: George and Nick discuss how the recent Google core update has led to a substantial decline in organic traffic for many nonprofits, including a 40% drop in some cases at Whole Whale. This update prioritizes content quality and credibility over links, which could disadvantage smaller nonprofits. Search Generated Experience (SGE): The anticipated rollout of Google’s SGE will prioritize AI-generated answers over traditional search results, potentially reducing visibility and engagement for nonprofit websites.

Melinda French Gates Resigns from Gates Foundation:

Transition: Melinda French Gates steps down from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to focus on her personal philanthropic efforts, particularly around women and families. The foundation will now be chaired solely by Bill Gates and renamed the Gates Foundation. Implications: This significant change could impact the foundation’s strategic direction and funding priorities.

Amazon Web Services Imagine Grants for Nonprofits:

Grant Details: AWS is offering grants to nonprofits to leverage cloud technology for mission-critical projects. Categories include Pathfinder Generative AI Award and Go Further, Faster, with awards ranging from $50,000 to $200,000. Application Window: Open from May 3rd to June 3rd, these grants provide financial support, promotional credits, and implementation guidance.

Black Lives Matter vs. Tides Foundation:

Lawsuit: The BLM Global Network is suing the Tides Foundation for allegedly diverting $33 million meant for them. The case raises questions about fiscal sponsorship and fund allocation. Fiscal Sponsorship: George explains the benefits and potential pitfalls of fiscal sponsorship for nonprofit organizations.

Feel-Good Story: Arizona Champions of Change:

Awards: Arizona Big Media announces finalists for the Champions of Change awards, highlighting visionary nonprofit leaders in the state. This initiative underscores the importance of recognizing local heroes in the nonprofit sector.

Critical Insights:

Google’s Update: Nonprofits must closely monitor their organic traffic and adapt their SEO strategies to maintain visibility. Regular traffic reports and proactive adjustments are essential. Philanthropic Shifts: Changes in leadership at major foundations like the Gates Foundation can have wide-reaching effects on funding and strategic priorities. Grant Opportunities: Nonprofits should explore tech-centric grants like AWS Imagine Grants to innovate and modernize their operations.

Call to Action:

Nonprofits should review their organic traffic metrics and SEO strategies in light of Google’s core update. Explore grant opportunities and consider applying for AWS Imagine Grants to boost tech infrastructure. Recognize and celebrate local nonprofit leaders through community awards and initiatives.

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