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Nonprofit Suit Before Supreme Court Could Upend Affirmative Action In Higher Education

The nonprofit organization Students for Fair Admissions’ case against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, currently before the Supreme Court of the United States, may end the ability for institutions of higher education to engage in race-conscious admissions decisions. However, the motives and outcomes of this suit are wide-reaching. ProPublica and the Yale Daily News report that Students for Fair Admissions received money from many different conservative dark-money nonprofit vehicles, including DonorsTrust, Searle Freedom Trust, and the Sarah Scaife Foundation. Foundations, DAFs, and other money-maneuvering operations also have direct ties to Leonard Leo and The Federalist Society. Six of the nine sitting Supreme Court Justices are current or former members of the Society, according to the Yale Daily News. Among recent reporting alleging Clarence Thomas’s potentially unethical acceptance of expensive trips from conservative donor Harlan Crow, include photographs of Thomas enjoying cigars with current Federalist Society co-chairman Leonard Leo.

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