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Supreme Court To Hear Nonprofit Fundraising Case With Broad Implications For Sector

On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear a case on donor transparency and fundraising with the potential for broad implications for both traditional nonprofits and political organizations. The case centers on a dispute about whether California can mandate that tax-exempt organizations report its top donors to the government. While in theory this reporting would be confidential, the case has broad implications about whether the government can and should track contributions to tax-exempt organizations. This case in some ways tackles an issue similar to the landmark Citizens United v. FEC case of 2010, which greatly changed campaign finance rules and allowed for the greater flow of “dark money” into 502(c)4 political organizations, according to critics. Politicians of both parties are split over their opinion of the case.

M+R 2020 Benchmarks Released, Shows Trends In Nonprofit Fundraising & Marketing

Nonprofit communication and marketing firm M+R has released its annual 2020 annual benchmarks report. The report shows that online revenue for nonprofits increased 32% in 2020, with the increased revenue benefiting nonprofits that tackle hunger and poverty the most. The report also shows how nonprofits are doubling down on digital advertising, increasing investments by 33%. The report dives deep into specific digital marketing metrics and is a must-read for organizations seeking to understand their digital performance among their peers.




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