216:(news) $61k for a tent and what $1.9T stimulus means for nonprofits

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$1.9 Trillion Stimulus Bill Passes With Expansion Of Unemployment Benefits And PPP The Biden administration’s new COVID Relief bill has passed the House and Senate, clearing the way for approval of an expansive new bill designed to expand unemployment benefits, the federal PPP, as well as support for vaccine distribution and fiscal relief for states. This critical piece of legislation expands the definition around non-profit entities entitled to PPP loan assistance, while providing additional protections and relief around housing, paid leave, and access to healthcare. Read more ➝  Why Is San Francisco Paying $61k For Tents For People Who Are Homeless? The city of San Francisco is paying upwards of $61k to provide a tent for folks experiencing homelessness. The tent shelters, provided by the city in response to the threat of COVID-19 exposure and increasing pressure to address systemic homelessness, are not eligible for federal reimbursement, and come at a time when the city is facing increasing budget deficits.Read more ➝ 


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